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Friday, April 13, 2007

Treating a bank robber with kindness

This is a new tactic about how to deal with bank robbers. Till now the established method of dealing with bank robbers has been to treat them gingerly, not confronting them, and to take measures that essentially deal with trying to catch the robber later. This would include either activating an alarm and/or dropping an exploding dye into the cash bag.
Now, there is a new element dropped in these measures. This measure is excessive friendliness. The premise is that an overdose of courtesy will unnerve would-be robbers and get them to rethink the crime. This is part of the 'Safecatch' system created by an FBI Special Agent and being adopted by banks in the Washington area. The concept is that a normal customer thinks friendliness and courtesy is great; but a robber really gets scared and does not understand the reasons for the same.
As an example, in a bank, when a robber walked in, the manager greeted him, and guided the robber to an equally friendly teller. This must have worked, for the robber asked for a roll of quarters and left.

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