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Sunday, February 25, 2007

US city sets time limit for how long a dog can bark

A city in New Jersey has got so tired of complaints of people against dogs barking that they are going to outlaw it. That's correct, the city is planning to pass an ordinance that will make it illegal for dogs to bark more than 30 minutes over 2 consecutive days. Right now, they are not planning on defining the type of instrument that will be used to measure and identify the dog that is specifically barking. DNA for dogs to uniquely identify their barking, anyone ?
The city already has nuisance laws that could be used to curtail annoying barking, but they are difficult to enforce. I guess this new law will be easier to enforce. Fines for an offence against this ordinance could be upto $250.
And just so that you know that I am not making this up, read the original story.

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