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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chess player banned for 10 years for using bluetooth

The march of technology is unstoppable, and so are the measures used to use these for unfair means. Imagine a chess game with 2 cerebral players pitted against each other using their minds to outwit each other, and then imagine one of these players using technology to cheat.
This is what actually happened. Read the story here. A chess player has been banned for 10 years after being caught cheating during a random check. He was seeking the assistance of a computer via a accomplice. The accomplice would calculate the next move using a computer and send him that information via a bluetooth headset. This is against all the chess federation rules.


Annelisa said...

That's outrageous!

Annelisa said...

By the way, I really enjoy your post, and have put a couple of lines for you (for this blog and your photos) into my Heroines and Heroes poem!

Have a great New Year!

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