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Friday, December 21, 2007

Man looking for birth mother finds her in the same shop

For people who are adopted, there is a quest to try and locate their natural parents; sometimes it is successful, sometimes not. In many cases, you have to go great distances in this quest. Here is a case where the natural mother was a colleague, and the child only discovered after some amount of intensive searching:

Steve Flaig's long search for his birth mother ended at an incredible place: the checkout line of the home-improvement store where he works. Flaig had met Christine Tallady after she started working at Lowe's several months ago, but it was only recently that the 22-year-old delivery driver figured out she was the woman who had given him up for adoption. It took him a few weeks, and some help from the adoption agency, to give her the news.
Tallady, head cashier at the Lowe's, was astonished to learn that the son she had given up for adoption 22 years earlier was a co-worker. "I started crying," the 45-year-old said. "I figured he would call me sometime, but not like this."

This is a good story for a time like Christmas, and shows the strong emotions due to human bonds.

Woman found in car after car towed away

Mighty strange occurrence this. One day after a car had been towed away from the scene of an accident, the body of an elderly woman was found under the deployed air bag of the car. Rescue services had already been through the car, and her injured son had been picked from the car earlier, so it is all the more strange as to how she came to be missing:

The presence of the body of Shirley Lee Williams, 72, came to the attention of investigators Sunday after family members said two relatives were missing, not one.
"We conducted a follow-up to the tow yard, and we discovered the woman inside the vehicle," said police Officer Mike Lopez. "She was dead."
Doctors will investigate whether Williams died instantly or was alive when the car was towed away, an official said.

This incident could get much serious if it was found that she had not died during the accident, but was alive when the car was towed away; in that case, she could have been saved if she had been found.

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